What is Loss of Libido?

Loss of Libido is a common problem found in men which refers to diminished sexual desire towards your partner leading to decreased sexual activity. However men are known to be very sexually active still one out of every five men of age 45 and above suffers from low sexual desire at some phase of life for different reasons. It is a matter of concern if no arousal for sexual encounters occurs for several days, weeks or even months. Having no sexual desire at all may give rise to various relationship issues, depression, lack of confidence, stress and anger which ultimately crashes your marital life.

What are the symptoms of Low Libido?

Males with decreased sexual desire often complain of reduced sexual thoughts, less frequency of masturbation, fatigue which can be more than normal, decreased energy towards sex drive, genital numbness leading to loss of “electricity” and “spark” required for initiating sexual activity and make it pleasurable. Mood swings and frustration are also common.

What are the causes of Low Libido?

Following are the common causes showing why men lose interest in women:

  • Low Testosterone Level
  • Chronic diseases (High Blood Pressure, Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease)
  • Prolonged Medication (Antidepressants)
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Ageing
  • Stress, anxiety and depression

What age men stop being sexually active?

Ageing is a natural process affecting each aspect of life and losing interest in sex is one of them. Generally, it is believed that as the person grows older he likely becomes reluctant to initiate sexual encounters as his testosterone level falls down naturally due to which his sexual activeness tends to get diminished by time. However there is no specific age criterion which compels decrease in libido as a lot of men are still much sexually active in their 80s and 90s.

Studies have shown that there is no average age for losing libido as it can occur in men of 30years of age also and sometimes even men of 90 years do not get affected by aging.

How to become more sexually active?

Being sexually active is a hormone driven function of the body which can be improved by keeping your body fit and fine. The first step is to stay active with regular exercise as it helps a lot in keeping your body in shape, healthier from inside and improves blood circulation which ultimately boosts sexual power to perform better. Eating diet rich in proteins, antioxidants, potassium and fibers enhances fertility and reduces stress. Next and the most important thing to do is to pay attention to your partner and understand the importance of sex for both of you.

What is the best ayurvedic treatment (Medicine) for Low Libido?

The best way to cure problem of low libido is through the goodness of ayurveda. 3X Power is an excellent supplement with perfect combination of best quality medicinal herbs such as Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Gokshur, Akarkara, Gokhru, Konch Beej, Safed Musli, Shatavari, Kesar, Jaiphal and Javitri popularly known for enhancing libido, sexual power, fertility and stimulating hard erection. These herbs improve blood circulation and are very helpful to increase sperm count and quality. It eradicates stress, mood swings, sexual weakness and premature ejaculation.

3X Power is an ultimate solution for low desire of sex as it has been formulated to boost up testosterone level resulting into energetic and improved sexual performance.

Which Food makes you more sexually active and improves Sexdrive?

There are certain varieties of foods which are known for their ability to enhance sexual desire to improve Sexdrive with your partner. Gorging on Watermelons, Avocados, Chocolates, Almonds, Strawberries, Figs and Red Wine can be amazingly beneficial in letting you experience the hottest and most passionate sexdrive of all the time.

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