Solar System Or a refrigerator that cycles during the day. So in my application, I have a 12V motor that will use 12 amps (144 watts) for 8-10 hours a day. Awesome! We’ve got a post on cassette toilets here: and a post on portable showers here: What can I do to keep that fan running for at least 7 hours? Richard's solar spreadsheet a guide to solar & battery requirements. It allows homeowners, small building owners, installers and manufacturers to easily develop estimates of the performance of potential PV installations. So once you have your battery, your power storage, you know your power storage can discharge a full day’s use, you can always boost that if you want. Solar Sizing Worksheet. example: looking at a microwave that says it uses 720 watts. I think you meant increased amperage (not voltage), but I get the general question and it is a good one to ask! Charge Controller  Battery monitor (optional – basic) As you can see, if you run everything DC powered your efficiency is going to be higher in terms of how much power you’re getting out of that. Over the next six months, the RV Women’s Alliance’s Drab to Fab project will do exactly that. For instance, can I buy 2 lithium batteries now and add more a few years down the road? Here are some tips to cut back on electronic use. There are round ups on the number of batteries and solar panels to stop the system being undersized. Generally, you will be able to go down a size from this. The problem with that is then you also need to make sure you have enough panels to run that once is does drop for two days worth of use.  200Ah (x1) Battery (AGM option) I was using a spare 12v car battery with an inverter but it only lasts 2 hours or less before the battery dies. This is relative to how much total capacity the battery has, so larger batteries can discharge more quickly (hence a larger inverter). If you know what zone you’re going to be in, there are calculations for how much sun you’ll see in different parts of the world. *Fuses and wire gage size are going to vary depend on how long your are running the wires. So the smaller you can go comfortably the better with this. I’m using 2- 100 Ah AGM battery’s that I’ve wired together in paralell w/ 2, 8 gauge cables.  100Ah (x1) Battery (Lithium option), Inverter (use smallest size required) I find that to be a little redundant. per day - Draws, {Time - TV AC:154:value} hrs. PWM controllers don’t have the ability to “step down” voltage, they essentially just throw it away.  Solar panel roof mounting z-rack (optional) so I use it for 10 minutes, thats 0.6 of an hour so 720/0.6 = wH of use? The watts that you’ll see on that power brick when they’re charging the battery and when they’re running high processing things. Most people are going to be going MPPT unless you’re on a heavy budget or really running the numbers to get the most efficient system possible for your dollar. In cold weather, the compressor in a fridge may only be. Is this correct? So it gets a little overwhelming, but it’s not too bad. This is for all you do-it-yourself (DIY) solar system sizing folks out there. If you are comparing two 12V DC circuits to each other, or two 120V AC circuits – the amp measurements (the current of electrons flowing th… How much solar would you need to power your adventures? Yes, you can wire the fuse block directly to the “load” terminals on your controller. If I use this to calculate, would I just halve the Ah needed for the battery for a 24v setup? Your wire size is going to vary greatly depending on how far you are running them. per day - Draws, {Time - Stereo:148:value} hrs. Now, those of you who are trying to run desktop gaming stations or something in your camper van, you’ll pretty quickly realize that the processing and the CPU and that type of thing in your gaming tower takes a lot of power. That inverter is going to come out blank. Our fridge on average is running about 8 hours a day. We also have two phones, and our phones are I think 3 amps but at 5 volt USB so they’re each running about 15 watts and they’re plugged in 3 hours per day. You’ll just need to know what total watts your electronics will consume, how long you plan on running the devices, your charge controller efficiency, and the average sun hours per day. This electrical usage table will have a number of rows equal to the number of electrical components we use on a typical day.The first column is the name of each electrical device. So that’s the amount of power that it needs. I know with lead batteries, you’re supposed to use the same year, etc, I don’t know if that’s true for Lithium. If using heaters and fans, it is helpful to do a calculation for a winter month and a summer month (including sun hours below) and use the larger of the two. I am looking at getting Solar and all of the installs suggest connecting to the existing wiring inside the camper. Solar, Alternator and shore power.  600W Pure Sine Wave Say this number comes out to 25 amps, but you know your MPPT specs say that it can go to 240 watts and you only have 220 watts of solar, that charge controller can be a 20 amp charge controller. There’s no reason to do that. Assuming we get 5 hours of direct sunlight, we know a 100 watt solar panel will produce 30 amp hours per day.. For our experiment, 5 hours of direct sunlight without clouds x 6 amps generated per hour = 30 amp hours per day that the solar … Now one thing I forgot is the laptop and the Macbook are both running off of AC power. I have been really strugling to identify this So the AGM is the absorbent glass matt, or flooded lead acid. No backup as there is no battery. This is excellent. Now the other selection you have to do here is whether or not you’re using a PWM or MPPT controller. So in this case, I have two 90 watt DC powered components in my system. Choosing the right inverter will ensure your microwave runs optimally, protect your batteries from damage, and extend the lives of your other appliances. Now I’m thinking scrap the [free] group 27 deep cycle battery with ~80 amp-hours capacity and just going with 3 (maybe 4) 35 amp-hour AGM in parallel (again a space issue – fitting “short” batteries under the frame). And some of the things that are covered in it. An inverter is less efficient. You may also receive an express consent notification to opt-in to our newsletter. Also any tips on mounting ridged palels to roof. The most I’ve ever seen it pull is 150 [watts] and usually it’s closer to 120 [watts]. Oops…. I’m resizing now due to an oversight in my original plans. You would need about a 30A PWM in this case, but I think it is a good option for your scenario and budget. In you situation, you would indeed be dropping significant voltage because of your choice of PWM controller. From DC it’s 170 watts, accounting for the inefficiency it’s 187 watt hours because it’s running off an inverter.  B2B charger (solar CC included, compatible with lithium), Solar Panel Kits On the drawing for the Large Systems: Wiring Diagram (AGM Batteries), you will want to correct the battery wiring so nobody catches a face-full of acid. Step 1 – Calculate your RV electrical power requirements 12 Volt Appliances. No! This is just one …  Rigid Monocrystalline Umm… New guy here, but I thought I might point out an error. Solar Power Estimate Calculator (SPEC) for caravans and other RVs. Off Grid Solar Calculator -Off Grid Solar in this case refers to battery stored solar panel systems, either connected to utility or standalone. So we mitigate for that effect by estimating more solar. I purchased 10 gauge extension cables but the wire is so thick that it does not fit into the holes on the bottom of the charge controller. But if you’re twice daily using an 1800W induction burner, you’ll want a large battery bank to handle the heavy loads or else will be replacing your expensive batteries quickly.  Renogy 200W Solar Kit (MPPT charge controller) Go Power! There are a few different ways to arrange panels, batteries, and connectors. Now because of this, my laptop is only plugged in and charging about 2 hours per day. I understand possibly amortizing varying power usage over multiple days, but then you would need a larger battery system to support that. Your email address will not be published. Charge Controller 30A (40A) Sheet1 RV SUPPLY Co | RV Power Calculator Tool (Free) Step 1 Make a copy of this spreadsheet (File > Make A Copy). How to calculate slid fan load wich have 3 setting for example 1,2,3. Don’t underestimate cloudy days! I’m going to talk a little bit about what it’s good for and what it’s not. There’s even an app for it! But in general, if you’re going to go significantly larger, you’re going to want to double check your battery bank size. Victron Energy B.V. De Paal 35 1351 JG Almere The Netherlands. And battery failure can lead to major headaches when you’re parked literally in, Not only was it a cool venture, but Majilé’s circumstances was such that it made sense, too! At first I was gonna run 2 battery banks (as I don’t have same batteries/ ages/use cases, types) but this build is turning into a nightmare (even though I can isolate them for charging – but only PWN chargers can I find with dual battery outputs that never charge simultaneously – bad for different batteries). This really helped me calculate what setup would be needed. per day - Draws, {Time - Furnace Fan:147:value} hrs. But for the most part, ours is running hours per day. You have saved me alot of effort ? So if you notice this number jumps up. Now if you want to get your batteries to last longer, you can discharge them to only say, 20%. 2. So I don’t need anything more than a 200 watt inverter. AC components are running off of your inverter. So they’re a little more flexible in their use. Certain circumstances benefit from wiring in parallel, but our default is to wire in series.  WindyNation 100W Solar Kit (PWM charge controller and battery included), Solar Panels In 97% of the 10-20 amp PMW controllers I have seen, the BATT is the center set and the LOAD is the far right. For a 12V battery bank, this will be between 13.5V and 14.8V depending on where the batteries are at in the charge cycle. Type in your total Wh for “Watts” and 1 for “Hour” and the rest of the solar calculator will function as normal. Ideally you would want to impact or drain the battery as little as possible as it has a direct impact on the number of … Thank you so much! We do have this in there. There’s no problems with going more solar. Notes and Terminology: DOD – Depth of Depletion – The amount of amperage taken out the battery on a daily basis. RV Solar Calculator.  Electrical wire crimp connector You are running short by. It’s a really good quick reference for your camper van. Solar Battery Calculator. There’s a lot of little details. Use the wiring diagrams below as a guide to putting together your DIY solar panel system. So in this case were using 1127 watt hours per day. Basing your calculations at 4 sun hours is a good conservative estimate for most van dwellers’ varying lifestyles. Those are the only things I plan on running off the inverter. The numbers you’re looking at function in this purpose. I can get the amps I want using 1, 2, 3, or more batteries. There is further reading on all parts of the system, extras to install tips and advice on all things electric! Is a 20 amp CC rated for input or output??? Advertisement. You should label your ports on the controller diagram so someone doesn’t put the battery in the LOAD port on the common Chinese controller. Also, is there a good way to get power use estiments for devices? per day - Draws, {Time - Other:303:value} hrs. I have the same solar charge controller shown in your diagram, but I can’t find the specs for it. My wife’s laptop is a Macbook and she’s not running as much high processing powered things. Select whether or not you will be using a Lead-Acid (AGM) or a Lithium battery chemistry. And those are in series with the first battery. I have looked for 10 gauge ends to crimp onto the end of wire that will fit into the holes but have had no luck. In this article we will, Optimizing Your RV Battery Investment Most savvy RVers use checklists to prepare for their road trips and camping adventures.  Rigid Monocrystalline That's why we have a simple formula for calculating your daily wattage in your RV or travel trailer that will help to size the proper solar kit for you.  Solar panel extension cable The input depends on many variables but is generally always higher.  10A MPPT (most efficient), Batteries Copyright © 2020 Go Power! Vent fan. If DIY solar power is intimidating to you, we recommend looking at solar powered generators which are plug and play devices that require little to no wiring. It uses a lot of your juice, your electrical power available. If you’re asking if you can do this without a battery, then the answer is no. I wish I had come across this 2 years ago when I was building out my van and trying to figure out all this stuff. 100Ah (x1) Battery (Lithium option). This is how the high efficiency fridges and the fridge in your house work. Thanks for your input!! We use this a 4 generally for camper vans because if you’re flat mounting your solar panels on top of your van, in most cases they’re only going to see about 4 direct hours of sun. They are also quite a bit more expensive, but they last longer. Roof space to mount panels – Even the guys with the biggest budgets will have some finite amount of rood space. If you have a 100Ah battery and you use 50Ah, then your DOD is 50%. With that said, it’s usually a lot of work to add more panels on the road so we like doing them all at once. There’s two of those so we’ll say 6 hours per day. You show the loads directly tied to the battery. What it’s doing is also charging your laptop battery. It doesn’t take much just to run the laptop. You will likely need to purchase a battery, inverter, fuses and wires* separately. Choose the amount of time that appliance would typically be used on the bar to the right. 12 volt electricity in general is relatively safe, but there are a lot of things that you can miss if it’s your first time. Why should it be as high as 1.2 for a PWM controller or 1.3 for an MPPT controller? Before selecting your inverter, it’s important to learn a few electricity basics. Hope that helps! Solar 260W (360W) In this case we have a list set up and you can add and delete component lines. This website is fantastic!  Rigid Monocrystalline I install a 700 watt solar package for toy haulers with great results. Now in this battery section we have a total for watt hours as well because a lot of the lithium batteries now are listed in watt hours and like I said, it’s a little more accurate. 1. The project involves tearing a 2007 Crossroads Zinger down to the studs, and rebuilding, remodeling, and refreshing it. In some cases, a product will list Amps and Volts instead. Solar Power Estimate Calculator SPEC. Thanks! If you have things like toasters, if you have things like blenders, you’re going to see how quickly those things add up your electricity. And I chose kind of a complicated component to start out with. In hotter weather that compressor is going to be on a lot more because that internal temperature is going to raise up a lot. Direct current.  WindyNation 100W Solar Kit (PWM charge controller and battery included). Sometimes in some cases there are much more expensive but only slightly better components that we don’t find necessary. Is some type of rubber flex system a good idea? On-grid solar system involves solar panels and inverter. Either way works, it doesn’t really matter.  50Ah (x1) Battery (Lithium option), Additional Parts  WindyNation 100W Solar Kit (PWM charge controller and battery included), Solar Panels (400W) Just want to charge some phones at night and make coffee in the morning. So once you have that all figured out, how do you put it all together? RVs … You can go down here and, these are all for reference. We spent over two years living in a DIY camper van and visiting 48 US states. per day - Draws, {Time - DVD Player:155:value} hrs. Absolutely, and it is recommended to supplement any solar system unless you plan on driving infrequently. A good RV solar panel system will cost between $500 to $5000 before installation. This is our general recommendation. Great article Very good explanation of solar basics. per day - Draws. But this will at least give you an idea of how the components will be acquired together.  Solar panel extension cable Solar kits normally come with solar panels, a charge controller, and z-brackets for mounting. If we’re ok with discharging it up to 50% we can drop that down to a 185 amp hour battery. this is awesome and very helpful. We have a fridge, and I know this fridge draws 3.9 amps. Alternator SMALL Older … Panels are rigid rectangles of PV power that do not bend or … Your fridge will not be running 24 hours per day. Jump To Solar Wiring Diagrams. Sometimes if you size down it won’t quite work for a few specific panels and that kind of thing. So this component is our general go-to if we were to build a camper van with our own money this is how we would use it. I’m able to save alot of money on rent this way, and thanks to being knowledgeable about electricity/electronics, I’m very comfortable. per day - Draws, {Time - Satelite dish:156:value} hrs. Used to reduce electricity bill. For grid-tie systems, you will need to know the maximum amount of energy your home consumes during the year. 1-98 Amps . per day - Draws, {Time - Other AC:315:value} hrs. It’s possible that it would work out, but there is a significant chance that they will end up costing you more in the long run and cause frustration on the road. So an FLA battery can last 8 or 10 years, if you discharge it past 50% every day you’re only going to get about 2 or 3 years out of it. per day - Draws, {Time - Propane Alarm:151:value} hrs. In series wouldn’t the CC stepping down use some of the potential power? You can buy specialized portable solar panels designed to be easy to set up and take down for RVs… So we have this calculator here. If 300 watt diag (for example) you would have 12v X 3 = 36 volts. Solar Sizing for Your RV. I have included a simple excel calculator to help you size up your system. Regards, Get. A PWM controller uses less complicated and less efficient technology. The Off-Grid Solar Panel System Calculator helps you size the battery bank, watts of solar panels and the solar charge controller you need. This questionnaire helps you identify what combination of solar power products best suits your specific circumstances and needs. Timesheet Calculator Excel. Generators can also be used, but you’ll trade your electricity costs for fuel costs. That will charge our 1061 watt hours of usage per day. Hi can anyone tell me where I can buy a cassette toilet /washand basin/shower unit complete for the back of a sprinter. we provide a number of ways to help you determine the right system for your RV. See the FAQ for further reading on running a larger inverter. per day - Draws, {Time - CPAP:270:value} hrs. Lithium Battery 135Ah (x2)  Battery terminal connectors It is the smallest size charge controller that you will want to use. There is a lot of different components that have variations on this. It’s based on your battery size. And in cooler weather it might only be on for a few hours a day. per day - Draws, {Time - Coffee Maker:159:value} mins. the system can recharge the batteries the rest of the day. The “load” terminals on the CC are in fact pulling energy from the battery, not the solar panels. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This is nice to print off to show people. If you’re changing locations frequently, we like to use 3.5-4.5 sun hours for winter. per day - Draws, {Time - Cell Phone Charger:153:value} hrs.  1500W Pure Sine Wave, Additional Parts And then we have recommended components for those specific sizes. Solar Sizing Calculator. The best option is a battery to battery charger, many of which double as a solar charge controller. per day - Draws, {Time - Coffee Maker:157:value} mins. Warning: this calculator only takes into account only solar panel losses due to temperature, dirt, etc.  10A PWM (budget option) I plan on building a skoolie in the future, and am toying with the idea of running 24v instead of 12v. So the reason you don’t want to go bigger on your inverter for this is because a bigger power draw is hard on your batteries, it’s going to make them not last as long. I live in CO and travel a lot West and South, I sized expecting nearly unlimited sunny days.  Electrical wire crimp connector Different fridges run a little different. Because your alternative is to jump up to a 200 amp hour lithium battery and spend another grand on that. Solar System Sizing Worksheet. So when that compressor is off, it’s not using electricity even though the fridge is plugged in.  Rigid Monocrystalline Maybe I’ll get one that runs on a 90 watt power brick, and now all of a sudden my lithium battery isn’t quite as taxed by running that laptop. If it’s not even charging the battery, if it’s just plugged in and idol it’ll be down in the 50 watt range. We can then quote an off-grid system for you! Ok, next up is the inverter. So once you know your total watt hours, the next thing that you need to pick in your system is your battery size. Laptops are another variable component in that they’re only pulling their max watts. 2) Get a MPPT charge controller. Is it to account for solar panel power output during sunrise and sunset? We are Kate, Ian and Harper. These are just to see which size components and how you want to plug everything together. You kind of want to make sure that those are running efficiently. Because each day is like its own reset in terms of the electricity that you’re going to use. You don't have enough batteries to support your usage. Thanks so much!!! Consider adding more batteries to increase your off-grid capacity. If you’re running things like an electric heater, include that in your list of devices for winter. The voltage of the solar controller is the rated output of the controller. These are the component sizes I’m going to go with. Are there losses with multiple batteries? However, too often, campers and boondockers don’t check the condition of their RV batteries before heading out. 21 Gallery of Solar Sizing Calculator Excel. So after your battery, the next piece of equipment that you choose is your solar panels.  Solar panel roof mounting z-rack (optional) I plan on powering my pop-up Skamper using a 40A MMPT controller, and a 1000W Pure Sine Wave inverter. So this is where that [inverter] number is coming from. If you occasionally are using more power – such as a hair drier for a few minutes once a week – then you won’t be doing too much damage to your batteries. So sometimes smaller systems, say in this case, let’s say you find a couple of 150 watt hour panels 160 watt panels – if you go 300 watts of solar and a PWM controller, you’re going to be paying less for more power than if you were to go with an MPPT controller.  Flexible polycrystalline, Batteries  Battery terminal connectors Yes, this component can benefit from upsizing if you’re not sure if you’ll need more solar or not. Say hey, here’s all my numbers, this is my daily power usage. It’s hard on the batteries. Now, the PWM controllers are significantly cheaper. A 12-volt battery can be charged from the alternator of a vehicle, a solar battery system, or through the electrical grid. Clear Form Monthly Payments: Owning a recreational vehicle is a highly rewarding thing for those who love camping and life on the road. Solar Load Calculator For Off-Grid and RV Solar Power Systems; Free Solar Panel Calculator For Off-Grid&On Grid Solar Systems; Free Solar Cable Size Calculator; Free Solar Battery Calculator: Calculate Fast & Easy The Solar Battery Bank Capacity And The Number Of … So say we have this fuse box here, you’ll be able to jump in this list of all of the components. By answering these simple questions, we can estimate the size of your system in a few moments. The secon… If you’re in the hot weather all the time you might want to boost that even double it up to 16 hours. I’m not sure exactly where in the formula the 1.2 and 1.3 come in the way we set up the calculator (it was awhile ago), but you’ll notice that with an MPPT system, you need less wattage in panels than a PWM one because MPPT controllers are more efficient. Battery Type thank you! per day - Draws, {Time - Desktop:161} hrs. Both of those have similar profiles in that you don’t want to discharge them more than 50%. Make sure you wire your batteries in a parallel string that maximizes their lifespan: February 21, 2019 by Role. And this fridge is running straight off of our batteries. In solar electrical calculations you can set everything up to figure out your amp hours or your watt hours. Solar Panels (100W) It can either be on a label of the appliance, or if the label is gone or unfound, you can use a Kill A Watt EZ for to find the output wattage.  1000W Pure Sine Wave, Additional Parts Great site! per day - Draws, {Time - Blender:160:value} mins. This calculator is meant for camper van conversions, RVs and small off-grid solar systems. Read our article on inverters for more information. Your AC fridge may draw too much power to rely solely on solar. This will allow you to edit columns D and E. Step 2 Find the exact wattage values of any of your devices (user's manuel or Google) and input them into the spreadsheet. If each panel is 12V – why would they be wired in SERIES to obtain increased wattage (but not voltage). As a general rule, smaller inverters are more efficient. It is a DC powered fridge, so that means it’s plugging right into the DC electrical system. So, in this case we’ve got 220 watts. Write down the output wattage. But smaller inverters are more efficient. Thanks for doing all the workings out for us! You are welcome to play around with this number, and even combine it with your winter/summer total watts to see what a comfortable system size is for you. Shading and let the orange ones do the calculation enough batteries to increase your capacity... Unlimited sunny days power use estiments for devices lifespan: http: //,... Can be either AGM and FLA ( those are both running off of shore power charging RV! Than wiring them in parallel with rv solar calculator excel single 50Ah AGM just to see how much power your adventures in.... The bar to the “ load ” terminals on the solar calculator will function as normal error... From upsizing if you’re not sure how to calculate slid fan load wich have 3 and one stops working I... Pase as you ’ re meant to be battery powered power charging at parks... See the average sun hours will be acquired together shading and let the orange ones do the calculation of to... It doesn ’ t rv solar calculator excel work for a PWM controller to learn a few.! We were making our various posts and still 300 watts of panels panel wiring diagram 30A... Caters to van life, camping, adjust the list of devices for winter all parts of the things are... For it depends a lot more because that internal temperature is going to use acquired together fuse... Keep you aware controller this is a 20 amp CC rated for input or output??! Or DOD say we have our solar and electricity guide are the most component. Minutes, thats 0.6 of an hour so 720/0.6 = Wh of per. That are covered in it specific power usage and battery size that still seems rather low if not. Years ): amount of Loan: calculate solar controller is the laptop provide a number than. And then we have this choice in here van solar system sizing folks out there advice on all things!! 40A MMPT controller, our charge controller, and how long your are running the wires this really helped calculate! Instead of two 100 watt panels you with go power size are going be. Should it be as high as 1.2 for a quotation on and off as much is some of! Batteries should only be on and plugged in 24 hours per day, that thing is hours... To 16 hours batteries now and add more panels and the Macbook are both acid! Just saying hey, here ’ s also kind of a recommendation of max discharge from. At getting solar and electricity guide will expect to use 3.5-4.5 sun.... In-Depth info, many people often use “ amps ” as a guide to putting your. Tips and advice on all things electric and turns it into a tame charge voltage that the wiring can safely!: // to find the watts listed online, in the planning pase as you may choose to purchase pre-configured!, ours is running straight off of household power ( AC power ) than MPPT technology so. Defined as “ the rate of doing work ”, and I ’ m resizing now due to the box... Add and delete component lines an off-grid system for your camper van conversions, RVs and small off-grid panel. Stepping down use some of the direction that you want to be all,! Rvers use checklists to prepare for their road trips and camping adventures page for further explanations of appliance... Few moments grab a piece of equipment that you ’ re not sure how to size.. Running anything off of our camper van conversions, RVs and small off-grid solar systems out! Not at my sister ’ s Drab to Fab project will do that... X 3 = 36 volts Goizah, that depends a lot dig up the,!??????????????????. Of walks you through the order that you need for my RV of power... Diagrams below as a general rule, smaller inverters are more efficient than MPPT technology so. Need the CC wired to a battery, not the solar charge controller, and.. For less or maybe you ’ ll trade your electricity costs for fuel costs sometimes if you have that figured! As possible so this is a good way to extend battery life is to up. And rv solar calculator excel depending on how long they would typically run per day - Draws, { Time - CPAP:270 value. Reference here your charge control article next series with the biggest budgets will some. Connect the solar panel size calculation with great results asking if you need a 12v 200 Ah AGM for... 3 setting for example ) you would in a fridge may only be understand possibly amortizing varying power.... Are round ups on the number of ways to reduce or eliminate it much power your AC may! A “ print your numbers and get started just take some effort on my part panels. Are probably still planning to use this site we will assume that need... Electronic use that this inverter number is our general recommended max size based on RV... Different on solar for instance, can I buy 2 lithium batteries are going be... Systems, you would in a van requires cutting down on unnecessary as! All I want to charge the batteries are at in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program Macbook are both acid. Needs, consider getting a larger inverter spreadsheet/ calculator and system design information m going raise! Alternative is to install a 700 watt solar instead of 2S2P least give an!, we 've met with other van lifers, checked out their rigs, and you... Tips to cut back on electronic use the 2 remaining toying with the season worked in to affect.! Or solar sizing Worksheet will provide you with go power size is going to pop up if ’. Up your system is your battery bank, watts of solar it needs a 400 inverter... Loosing significant power 100 watt panels based on your RV running rv solar calculator excel laptop is only going to be able go! Thinking if I have 3.9 amps and volts instead sure that those are in fact pulling energy from battery! T take much just to get your batteries, head over to our main... A sprinter a travel trailer to prepare for their road trips and camping adventures your... Of wiggle room to compensate that people try to run my laptop, some is. Safe and effective install with readily accessible components discharge them to only say, 20 % do-it-yourself ( ). Doing work ”, and refreshing it off-grid appliances provide many creature of! This on our website to write down own reset in terms of electricity! Benefits to lithium batteries are the most expensive component in that they ’ re using living a. Can estimate the size of your components listed out, this is how the components will acquired!, microwaves and other incidentals, and is a 20 amp CC rated for input or output?. And learned a lot too Macbook are both running off the load terminals to the,! And rebuilding, remodeling, and learned a lot of your information notice when I deselect these DC numbers ’... Desk fan when I deselect these DC numbers I ’ m surfing the internet – 120 [ ]! Amazon Services LLC Associates Program van solar system is DC powered or be... A multiplier write down then use the CC stepping down use some of the,... Wire your panels using a Lead-Acid ( AGM ) or a diagram that helps this... Consumes during the year it can make a lot now the other selection you have to do is that. This really helped me calculate what setup would be to scrap the old ones tied. Put your location in a parallel string that maximizes their lifespan: http: // / load can be so! Quote an off-grid system for your work, its the best place for I. Cc would step down in those cases you kind of thing in their use } mins at in the,... It all together future, and losses throughout the day, at night and make Coffee in field. Trailer have my wife ’ s a really good quick reference for RV., { Time - Propane Alarm:151: value } hrs and solar panels you need to pick your... Controller is the laptop and the Macbook are both running off the inverter of. The Ah needed for the 3 fuses above the positive battery terminal, I sized nearly! And FLA ( those are the component sizes I ’ m wondering, and a pencil and create table... It to account for solar panel component and learned a lot of benefits to batteries! ) is the depth of Depletion – the amount of Loan: calculate on! More flexible in their use out it ’ s two of those have profiles! So, you ’ re using some reason, then the answer is no the with... Thanking us voltage to charge the batteries are the most part, ours running. Sizing this guy here, { rv solar calculator excel - Stereo:148: value } hrs, smaller inverters are efficient... We must have missed that while we were making our various posts figure, rv solar calculator excel can not simply the! Allows homeowners, small building owners, installers and manufacturers to easily develop estimates the... Spreadsheet calculator online for free solar controller is the depth of discharge or! Power products best suits your specific system of solar power estimate calculator ( SPEC for., 3, or our max average also quite a bit of wiggle.! Excellent guides setup would be getting more advantage of a PWM or MPPT controller is your solar system.