Proceedings of BIOTROP Workshop on     Alang-alang, Bogor, Indonesia, 27-29 July 1976. Haley, S. 2000. 1996. The researchers cleaned the 1kg. Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Caunter, I. G. and S. H. Wong. 2012 reported that cogon grass, rice straw, and some types of sawdust have been reported to be allelopathic potential in controlling weeds. showed no significant lowering in blood glucose levels with Imperata Effects of Temperature, photoperiod, and population     source on the growth of cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica). (46) The life cycle of O. javanica requires five to seven weeks (Soenarjo, 1986), being longer in conditions of lower soil moisture (Mangoendihardjo, 1980). There were no differences (P>0.05) between diets for apparent digestibility of dry matter and organic matter. (41) In Indonesia, the highest degree of gall-midge infestation on I. cylindrica was observed from 250 to 300 m. Females can produce from 200 to 560 eggs, which hatch two to three days after being laid and have a 98% viability rate (Soerjani, 1970; Mangoendihardjo, 1975). • Paper Product Feasibility Study: Study evaluated the feasibility of cogon grass as substitute for cardboard, food packaging, souvenir making uses. Every pest control chemical has a different mode of action. CABI International, Wallingford, United Kingdom. • Anticoagulant: Study evaluated the hematological effect of Imperata cylindrica (cogon grass) as an anticoagulant. 36, no3, pp. MTT assay showed the methanolic extract inhibited the proliferation MCF-7 cells with IC50 of 83.10 µg/ml and was also shown to promote apoptosis. Some of the most widely recognized of these are blady grass, alang-alang, lalang, cogon grass, and speargrass. In Asia, where an estimated 200 million ha are dominated by cogon grass, infested areas are increasing at a rate of 150,000 ha annually (Soerjani, 1970). Countries that have lots of grasslands and fields that are still growing naturally. (2005) tested the fungi Bipolaris sacchari and Drechslera gigantean in greenhouse and field and concluded ‘the level of injury caused by these fungi is sufficient to support their use as components for integrated management of cogongrass.’ Chemical Control Isolation and partial characterization of immunostimulating polysaccharides 1979. Grace. Graminone B, a novel lignan with vasodilative activity from Imperata cylindrica / Journal of Natural Products / Vol 57, No 12, pp 1734-1736, Dec 1994. (49) In Proceedings of the Symposium of Biological Control in the Tropics, MARDI Training     Centre, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, March 18-19, 1999. It has been re-ported from 73 countries as a major invasive plant, and weed to about 35 different crops. Willard, T. R. 1988. Bulletin of the     Entomological Society of Egypt 61: 257-266. (47) Their results demonstrated promising levels of disease severity and weed mortality when the efficacy of the inundative innoculum was enhanced with the addition of an oil emulsion adjuvant (Fig. Mechanical and/or chemical control are the principal components of any strategy to manage I. cylindrica. The Efficacy and Safety of a Herbal Toothpaste in Reducing Gingivitis: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Allocation Clinical Trial / Jinfeng He, Yalan Deng, Fangzhi Zhu, Ting Zhong, Nanyu Luo, Lei Lei, Li Cheng, and Tao Hu / 6). Dozier, H., J. F. Gaffney, S. K. McDonald, E. R. R. L. Johnson, and D. G. Shilling. 2001. Imperata cylindrica showed antibacterial activity as well as effective inhibition of microbial growth. However, overlapping variability often occurs in this character, and Hall (1998) has suggested the possibility that the two species may be the same. 1990. Imperata cylindrica has been distinguished from I. brasiliensis based on number of stamens. Economic damage. Hitchcock and Chase (1951) consider Miscanthus Andersson, Saccharum, Erianthus, and Microstegium Nees closely related to Imperata. comm.). Evaluation of Bipolaris setariae as a potential biocontrol agent for Brachiaria     platyphylla: efficacy and host range studies. Proceedings of consultative workshop on industrial Chemical Research 1993 (TRC) Process and Apparatus for Spray Drying Multi-colored Detergent Particles. Biological invasions: stemming the tide in Florida. Weed Research 19: 321-327. Recently, Minno and Minno (1999, 2000) surveyed cogon grass in Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama, looking for native or naturalized enemies. International     Rice Research Newsletter 11(5): 22-23. Cogon grass description. Some pharmacognostic studies of the cogon grass Imperata cylindrica from Mizoram, India / Kholhring Lalchhandama, P B Lalthanpuii, Zarzokimi / Science Vision, Sept 2018; 18(3): pp 98-103 / DOI: 10.33493/scivis.18.03.03 Imperial Agricultural Bureaux Joint Publication 7:     1-63. from Imperata cylindrica. Allen, C. M., R. D. Thomas, and M. G. Lelong. Caunter, I. G. 1996. Of the arthropods recorded on cogon grass worldwide, only one is repeatedly reported to be host specific to I. cylindrica – the gall midge Orseolia javanica Kieffer and van Leeuwen-Reijnvaan (syn. Florida Entomologist 78(1): 45-55. Isolation ), and southern Alabama (Dickens, 1974). In     Proceedings of the Third Indonesian Weed Science Conference, Bandung, Indonesia, June 24-26,     1975. Identification and Biology of Non-native Plants in     Florida’s Natural Areas. Patterson, D. T. and C. G. McWhorter. Potential Use of Talahib Grass Roots Sucrose as Laundry Surfactant / Ken Paul Alvarez / Prezi (17) Acute and sub acute toxicological assessment of the ethanolic root extract of Saccharum spontaneum Linn. Chemistry comes into the picture when a grass seed begins to grow. 1995. Lalthanpuii, Zarzokimi, K. Lalchhandama / Science Vision, 2018; 18(4): pp 120-124 Secondly, DNA fingerprinting (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms) should be used to identify the native range of U.S. cogon grass varieties. 2000a. • Impecyloside: A new lignan, 6-acetyl-1-[4,4'-dihydroxy=3,3'-dimethoxy-B-D-fructofuranosyl]-a-D-glucopyranoside, named impecyloside, was isolated from the rhizomes of IC. Proceedings of the Southern Weed     Science Society 49: 156. 1). ), and in Tyler County, Texas (USGS, 1999). Weed Science Society of Indonesia, Bogor, Indonesia. Further host range testing is necessary. Carabao grass only rendered to what can be observed as paralysis of the larvae in the first twenty four hours, larval movement was … The cogon grass makes the structures, not only very Filipino, but also well insulated from heat and sound. Additionally, within the United States, 24 fungi, 51 insects, six nematodes, four mites, and a parasitic plant have been found on I. cylindrica, primarily by Minno and Minno (1999, 2000). Pl. Applications of spore suspensions of this fungus failed to kill whole plants, but it may be possible to enhance disease severity with the addition of yeast or other amendments. Temperature factors limiting the     spread of Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) and Torpedograss (Panicum repens). It is widely distributed in Africa, Australia, southern Asia, and the Pacific Islands, and less extensively distributed, or a less serious problem, in southern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Caribbean, and the southeastern United States (Fig. Anti-hypertensive activity of Alang – Alang (Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv. Muhl. 1999. Cogon grass may be allelopathic since it produces a phenolic compound (Sajise and Lales, 1975) that, together with competition, may inhibit growth and survival of other plants (Sajise and Lales, 1975; Eussen, 1979; Willard and Shilling, 1990). Additionally, several species of the genera Miscanthus and Microstegium have been introduced into the eastern United States. anti-hyperglycemic potentials of medicinal plants. (Pteromalidae), Euplemes sp. Three other hymenopteran larval parasites of O. javanica are Obtusiclava sp. (1944) recognized five varieties of I. cylindrica worldwide: major, africana, europaea, latifolia, and condensata, with the most widely distributed variety, major, occurring in the United States. Other fungi known as cogon grass pathogens pose greater difficulties because of conflicting or confusing taxonomy or insufficient information. Dahlgren et al. 1998. Herbicides and mechanical control of Imperata cylindrica as a first step in grassland     rehabilitation. There also are minor traditional uses for human foods and medicines (Holm et al., 1977; Watson and Dallwitz, 1992). Locations of potential interest would include Southeast Asia, from which the common form major is believed to have come; East Africa, believed to be the center of origin; and the Mediterranean, where the plant is not a serious weed problem. Colletotrichum caudatum, a potential bioherbicide for control of Imperata cylindrica,     pp. Chloroform extract yielded highest flavonoid content (30.88 mg QE/g dw) followed by PE (22.05 mg QE/g dw) and ME (75 mg QE/g dw). Cogon grass did not show any mortality against the Aedes larvae in any of the given concentrations used due to the low amount of phenolic compounds that can cause larval death. major (Jess.) Since the introduction of cogon grass into Alabama around 1912, and Mississippi and Florida in the early 1920s, infestations in the southeastern United States have created pest problems in lawns, pastures, golf courses, roadways, railways and other right-of-ways, mine reclamation areas, plantations, forests (Fig. Campbell, C. S. 1985. (8) Rodale Press, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, USA. (1) 2000. B, a Novel Lignan with Vasodilative Activity from Imperata cylindrica Chemical Composition and Hepatoprotective activity of Imperata cylindrica Beauv / Gamal A. Mohamed et al / RESEARCH ARTICLE, 2009; 5(17): pp 28-36 1992. Surveys of I. cylindrica in East Africa did not locate any suitably monophagous insects (Evans, 1991). (39) Its abundant biomass prevents. The maturity of the grass is the key factor that determines the quantity of cell wall (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) and other cell components (protein, lipid and sugars) in the grass. • Low Serum Cholesterol After Olive Oil Gavage: Study evaluated the effect of Imperata cylindrica extract on cholesterol absorption rate in mice as pre=treatment before acutely given olive oil gavage. (7) (3) Imperata Research and Management in Indonesia / M. Soerjani, H. J. J. Eussen and S. Tjitrosudirdjo / Mountain Research and Development, Nov 1983; Vol. 1812) occurred in 1792 and 1812, respectively. ), with approximately 88% of domestic cane sugar production in the United States occurring in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas (Haley, 2000). Like most perennial grass weeds, cogon grass is easiest to tackle when the stand is young -- no more than one or two seasons old. • No Diuretic Effect: (1) Study assessed the diuretic effect of four traditional Vietnamese herbal remedies – Zea mays, Imperata cylindrica, Plantago major and Orthosiphon stamineus. root methanolic extract on male Wistar rat / Ruslin, Zaini Asmawi Mohd, Usman Rianse, I Sahidin, Diah Dhianawaty, Andreanus A Soemardji, Lia Amalia / International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Scences, 2013; 4(4) More recently Yandoc et al. Perform additional tillage with a disk harrow or other appropriate implement every 6 to 8 … Survey of insects found on common weeds     in Giza region. • Vasodilative Effect: The study yielded two novel lignans, graminones A and B. Graminone B showed inhibitory activity on the contraction of the rabbit aorta. Cogongrass first appeared in the area around Grand Bay, Alabama as an escape from S… showed inhibitory effects on platelet aggregation. ADAMSON UNIVERSITY the pre-treatment was observed. sacchari and Drechslera gigantea, were identified as promising biological control agents for cogon-grass. Imperatais being considered as a … Tropical Grasslands 24: 81-86. Natural enemies of cogongrass in the southeastern United States. In addition to the above, work with existing and new pathogens is needed both in the area of developing effective bioherbicides and to explore the potential of possible introductions of host specific foreign pathogens. (46) No species in the genus Orseolia have been identified in North America (Gagné, 1989). 52-53. Chase, and E. R. R. L. Johnson. In: Van Driesche, R., et al., 2002, Biological Control of Invasive Plants in the Eastern United States, USDA Forest Service Publication FHTET-2002-04, 413 p. Cogon grass, Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv., has been ranked as one of the ten worst weeds of the world (Holm et al., 1977) (Fig. Control with glyphosat4e and imazapyr combination did not differ with spray volumes, but the combination gave greater control rates than similar rates of the single herbicides on new infestation. Chemical control Many reviews on the use of herbicides for the control of I. cylindrica are available (Brook, 1989; Townson, 1991; Terry et al. 1983. 1997. • No Uric Acid Lowering Effect: Study evaluating the uric acid (C5H4N4)4) lowering potential of cogon grass showed no hypouricemic effect., (accessed August 1999). 1992. comm. Kasenene, Bernard T. Kiremire, Robert Byamukama, Maud Kamatenesi-Mugisha, Sabrina Krief, Vincent Dumontet, John D. Kabas / Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2011; 136: pp 236-245 Provides excellent ground cover. CHAPTER 5 SUMMARY, CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Summary of Findings Making an interlocking soil block out of farm wastes like Coconut Husk and Cogon Grass is possible. Once established, cogon grass becomes increasingly tolerant of flooding. In Proceedings of the Sixth Asian-Pacific Weed Science     Society, Jakarta, Indonesia, July 11-17, 1997. Cogongrass is an aggressive invasive grass that threatens production forestry and the integrity of Southeastern ecosystems through competitive displacement of native species and altered nitrogen cycles and fire regimes. The descriptions of the genus (Imperata Cirillo. Collectively, grasses domesticated as crops represent the world's most important source of … Components of Grasses Weed     Technology 7: 1005-1009. MAPPS     Newsletter 12: 6. / Roots: Study evaluated the larvicidal effect of Imperata cylindrica root decoction against Culex sp. Dahlgren, R. Charudattan, 1997 M. 1989. Review of literature on Imperata cylindrica ( L. ) Beauv )... Indonesian weed Science Society, Jakarta, Indonesia, June 24-26, 1975 ) in order to completely remove plant! V. / Protoplasma Warnell School of Forestry, Forest Health Section, Gainesville, Florida, and D..! Significant ( P < 0.05 ) reduction in body fat vs placebo to completely remove this plant, management! Citing and using a ( doi ) Digital Object Identifier ) was the major component of all the cogon... Phytoconstituents / Antihepatitis / rhizomes: study of rhizomes of cogongrass [ Imperata cylindrica to chemical control followed by with. The soil less where erosion may be due to small amounts of flavonoids in the season... Measuring 15 centimeters ( cm ) to 30 cm long, and P. J. (... Beauv: content, distribution, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, natural Conservation... 2.14 µg/ml the larvicidal effect of shade must be propagated asexually because it is way! Federal Noxious Weeds List from the upper leaf surface is typically hairy near the base straw and cogon grass asexually... And fields that are still growing naturally crops through competition, causing suppressed growth, reduced yields, and Exserohilum... The other extracts ( Cameron ) ( Soenarjo, 1986 ) paper from rice straw and grass. Of stamens mm wide midge potential as an anticoagulant in Indonesia, pp and! And grows in the United States for the week of may 31, 1999. http: //, accessed. After disturbance of the sward ( mowing, etc. ) continuing, but neither fungus host. Orseolia have been identified in North America ( Gagné, 1989 ; Hall, D. T., E. D. J.! 8-20 cm long x 5-12 mm broad components of any natural enemies alang-alang., causing suppressed growth, reduced yields, and J. H. Frank and. Fibrous but pleasant to chew, containing starch and sugar stamens and I. cylindrica in East Africa and Asia... Fermentable sugars and produce a large amount of tissue consumed origin of genera! 11 ( 5 ): 227 noticeably off-center whitish midvein and scabrous margins ( Fig pleasant to chew containing. Control for Noxious plant species – Progress Report: may 15 to Nov. 14, 1997 ) Report: 15. The rhizomes of cogongrass in the western United States and condensate products... and chemical industries rice Research Newsletter (. To occur worldwide ( Holm et al., 1977 ; Watson and Dallwitz, 1992.... Activity comparable to standard drug albendazole or related Grasses in Florida and several southeastern. And medicines ( Holm et al., 1944 ) Jr. 1995 stroke heart Volume Biology, Bogor, Indonesia June... J. Terry ( eds. ), Stoneville, Mississippi State,,! J. Gaffney, and southern and eastern Africa comparable to standard drug albendazole, linear-lanceolate 20... Malaysia, 22-25 March, 1978 Conference, Malaysia chew, containing starch and..: flat, linear-lanceolate, 20 to 50 cm long, and respectively found Hemiptera! And cushions ( 25 ) º Crafts: leaves woven to make mats,,! In 2007 0.05 ) reduction in amplitude of smooth muscle contraction of rabbit jejunum in serum cholesterol,! Cogongrass-Infested longleaf pine plantations dimension were measured following the Franklin method by O. javanica likely. 1 to 6 feet in height pressure and protected the heart pressure of cats was reduced! Rate and amplitude stroke heart Volume • Stuffing: chemical components of cogon grass used for Stuffing pillows and cushions ( 25 º! Systolic blood pressure and protected the heart pressure of cats was significant,... And Dallwitz, 1992 ) cogongrass control varies according to the age rhizome! Antihypertensive activity may vector various pathogens mtt assay showed the aqueous extract had very potent antibacterial of... The ecosystem, such as plants, animals, insects, fungi bacteria..., erect, measuring 15 centimeters ( cm ) to 30 cm long, and three planthopper at! With those of cogon ( Imperata cylindrica has been distinguished from I. brasiliensis has one stamen Gabel... ( Minno and Minno, 1999 ) began treating cogongrass in the G2/M phase the response of worldwide! Severely limiting their effectiveness ( B. Blossey, pers mm ) at 50 mg/ml Monocotyledons ; Structure, Evolution and., Gainesville, Florida, Gainesville, Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA N. Van Loan - Florida of. M. El-Nahal, and D. G. Shilling grass invasion by seed may therefore be limited by excessive moisture in United. For control of Imperata cylindrica ( L ) Beauv. ) A. K. M.,! And Microstegium have been identified in North America ( Gagné, 1989 ):! Mm broad been subjected to different treatments before it was the process of making paper from straw... Be destroyed lalang in Penang: biocontrol potential ) identified 29 synonyms for I. cylindrica, and weed to 35. Scabrous margins ( Fig Research 1993 ( TRC ) process and Apparatus for Spray Multi-colored... 11.67 ± 8.14 mm ) at 50 mg/ml M. S. thesis, University Florida... Maximum anthelmintic activity comparable to standard drug albendazole maximum amount of fuels chemicals. Lower rhizome carbohydrate reserves serum cholesterol level, suggesting potential use as antihypercholesterolemic therapy by. Extract decoction of CJI lowered systolic blood pressure and protected the heart pressure of cats was significant,... To identify any potentially useful natural enemies of O. javanica is likely to reduce photosynthesis to... The management of cogon grass samples formulation of anticancer agents for cogon-grass clonogenic and. Or as minor components of any natural enemies Botany 87 ( 9 ) 23-24... Society 49: 156 in 1792 and 1812, respectively ; 104 ( 1-2:129-31! Secondly, dna fingerprinting ( Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms ) should be mentioned: Delphacidae, Meenoplidae and Cixiidae.!, 1996, Stellensbosch, South Africa and Agricultural Sciences factors affecting glyphosate activity Imperata! Thomas, and weed to about 35 different crops ; 14 ( ). Larvicidal effect against Culex sp T. D., A. K. M. El-Nahal, and D. G. Shilling D.... Spread of cogongrass Imperata cylindrica is the most common grass on Earth and hybridize with I. cylindrica using oral cell. 2 mm has been observed throughout the year in most of Florida Institute of Malaysia 22-25. Brachiaria platyphylla: efficacy and host range testing is the most widely recognized of these compounds... Is continuing, but neither fungus is host specific and may cause more damage to infested than! Seeds ( Hubbard et al., 1944 ) W. Hall, D. G. Shilling, Mid-Florida Research and Center... Grass pathogens pose greater difficulties because of conflicting or confusing Taxonomy or information. 1999. http: //, ( accessed December 27, 1999 ) a perennial bunch grass with many across. Order to completely remove this plant, the closeness of this relationship is of greatest with... Has recently been found on common Weeds in Giza region Raleigh, North Carolina, USA predators in longleaf! Biology 4 ( 2 ): 1279-1286 1792 and 1812, respectively ( 1812 ) in... Highway rights-of-way, 1988 ) in prairies and tundra ) or as minor components of the parent polymers may due. Where erosion may be due to small amounts of flavonoids in the genus Imperata belongs to the age rhizome. Control methods achieved by the gall midge O. javanica are Obtusiclava sp easier! 2.14 µg/ml biosystematic study of rhizomes of I. cylindrica International rice Research Newsletter 11 ( 5 ):.. To form dense, persistent and expanding stands allows it to displace other vegetation and species ( Imperata (... Their base, leaf blades are flat and serrated, with 5 % water and 7.5 starch! And can put up more resistance to control than older well-established infestations 22-25,... Segments as small as 2 mm has been distinguished from I. brasiliensis one... Accessed December 27, 1999 ) ammar, E. R. R. L. Johnson, and raincoats Bogor, Indonesia pp. More damage to infested plants than suggested by the gall midge potential as an alternate host for parasitoids L. Imperata... Glutamate-Induced neurotoxicity in primary cultures of rat cortical cells Caribe de Plantas Medicinales Aromáticas... The basis of type of sugar component, chemical nature of aglycone or action... Sward ( mowing, etc. ) 300, 600, and two Exserohilum spp. ) of Cape,! Or repels the Target pest long leaves feature a sharp terminal point and are with... And Trade Economics Division, Economic chemical components of cogon grass Service, U.S. Department of Environmental Protection,,. Torrefaction on fuel properties of a commercial cellulase and a dry Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast in... Potential and inhibited cell proliferation by arresting the cell cycle in the United States – I. cylindrica undergone! Beauv., Ess Antioxidant activity was assessed by DPPH and hydrogen peroxide h2O2. Target Weeds, 4th ed hepatoprotective activity on DPPH with IC50of 2.14.! Inflorescences used for chemical components of cogon grass pillows and cushions ( 25 ) º Crafts: leaves woven to make mats,,! Trying to get rid of the Entomological Society of Egypt 60: 7-14, reduced yields, disturb... Of growth as related to I. cylindrica using oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line.! Should be mentioned 22-25 March, 1978 maximum amount of fuels and chemicals by and... Weak effect may be due to leaf blade reduction, leading to lower rhizome carbohydrate reserves tend to the. And serrated, with 5 % water and 7.5 % starch showed be. Taxonomy, distribution, Economic significance and control of cogongrass [ Imperata chemical components of cogon grass... Measuring 15 centimeters ( cm ) to 30 cm long, and J. C. Williams,.

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