What is Male Sexual Dysfunction?


Male sexual dysfunction has long been known to be common. Affecting a large percentage of individuals, with estimates between 10% and 52% of men, sexual problems and dysfunctions are correlated with a wide range of physical and psychological conditions. Other health conditions, including cardiovascular disorders, common diseases such as diabetes, health habits, and mental health are responsible as well.  

What is Male Sexual Dysfunction? 

In men, sexual dysfunction refers to difficulties engaging in sexual intercourse. Sexual dysfunction encompasses a variety of disorders such as follows:

  • Low Sex drive ( Low Libido)
  • The ability to achieve or maintain an erection (Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence)
  • The ability to hold ejaculate (Premature Ejaculation)
  • The ability to achieve an erection without a deformity in the penis
  • The ability to achieve an orgasm

Sexual dysfunction may result from either physical or psychological factors. Many sexual problems result from a combination of physical and psychological factors. A physical problem may lead to psychological problems (such as anxiety, depression, or stress), which can, in turn, aggravate the physical problem.

Men sometimes pressure themselves or feel pressured by a partner to perform well sexually and become distressed when they cannot (performance anxiety). Performance anxiety can be troublesome and further worsen a man’s ability to enjoy sexual relations.  

What are the causes of Male Sexual Dysfunction? 

There are numerous causes of MSD, including:

  • Psychological conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and stress, concerns about sexual performance or relationship problems
  • Conditions that cause impaired blood flow, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes
  • Neurological and neuromuscular conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain tumors, and spinal cord injuries
  • Medications with sexual side effects, such as drugs for Parkinson’s disease, depression, high blood pressure, pain, and heart disease
  • Pelvic surgeries, including surgical treatments for prostate cancer, colorectal cancers, bladder cancer, and spinal cord conditions
  • Lifestyle factors, such as excessive drinking, smoking, recreational drug use, and lack of exercise
  • Low testosterone or hormonal imbalance, which may be caused by aging, injury to testes, chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer, genetic conditions, obesity, liver or kidney disease, or pituitary gland conditions

With some sensible considerations to psychological health, nutrition, and medication use, most sexual dysfunction can be improved.  

Ayurvedic Treatment for Male Sexual Dysfunction: 

Following the holistic Ayurvedic approach helps build robust sexual health. Ayurveda seeks to restore balance to the body’s three doshas- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It is through this balance that good health is achieved. These principles hold true for sexual function.  

Ayurvedic medicine has a full branch dedicated to rejuvenation and verification. Several Ayurvedic herbs are useful in the case of male sexual disorders. These include Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Safed Musli, Vidarikand, Talmakhana, Saffron, Gotu Kola, Gokhshur, Jaiphal, Turmeric, and Shilajit, as well as many others. Ayurveda considers each one to be a potent aphrodisiac and an all-purpose tonic to the male reproductive system.

These traditional herbs are highly beneficial to treat impotency, erection and ejaculation problems and offer a significant improvement in blood circulation, stamina, libido, and overall sexual function.

A time-honored Ayurvedic formula containing these and other herbs works on both the psychological and physical levels to revitalize and restore male sexual energy.  

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment:  

  • Increases the time span of erections.
  • Cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Prevents premature ejaculation.
  • Stimulates man for long-lasting sexual acts without getting tired.
  • Transforms lean and impotent men into powerful and vigorous.
  • Facilitates in the procreation of healthy offsprings.
  • Increases sexual energy and strength as desired.
  • Increases will power, intellect and memory in addition to promoting a healthy body.

The proprietary herbal formula based on centuries-old ayurvedic wisdom offers long term and desired results with advice on diet, exercise, mental training, and relaxation to help men reach their peak and overcome sexual concerns through safe and natural means.

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