How to Naturally cure Nightfall and Sexual Weakness with Ayurveda?


A healthy sex life is an integral part of every human’s life. A healthy sex life is essential for both mental and physical health of a normal human being. However, there can be a few complications in your sex life, which is pretty normal. Some couples face these kinds of complications, such as nightfall and sexual weakness. These are the most common issues that can be found in men.

Night fall is one of the growing health concerns for young men, adolescents mainly. Commonly known as wet dreams, night falls means involuntary flow semen when you are asleep at night or early morning. It occurs mostly with men who are not sexually active and does not masturbate much. Patients feel shameful and embarrassed and that leads to sexual weakness and depression too.

It is considered a sexual problem only if it continues to exist even after young adulthood. Also, it is a reason for concern if the nightfall is occurring quite frequently. The frequency of nightfall varies from individual to individual as one person may get it once in two-three weeks, or someone can experience this condition every week. Nightfall is also called wet dreams or nocturnal emission. These can also be said as the spontaneous orgasmic state which occurs involuntarily.

The most common cause due to which a person has to seek for treatment for sexual weakness from excessive nightfall is weakening of a sex nerve. The weakness of this nerve is the prime reason for all the sexual weaknesses, for instance erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and leakage of semen. These weaknesses are both undesired and unpleasant, and herbal supplements are quite popular in the treatment for weakness from excessive nightfall.  

Ayurvedic Treatment for Nightfall and Sexual Weakness in Men

Ayurveda does not only treat the physical symptoms of any disease or a disorder but also helps in gaining an insight about the person’s mental state and help him to cope with the circumstances. When the immune system of the individual is made strong, then the disease gets eliminated from the body.

Therefore, one can always rely upon the ayurvedic treatment for problems such as nightfall and sexual weakness. It is because the ayurvedic medicine is made up of natural extracts of vital and potent herbs. It heal naturally and does not cause any side effects on the functioning of sexual organs in males.

Ayurveda helps in eradication of the disease by removing the underlying root cause. It helps in strengthening the healing mechanism of the body. Safed Musli, Sudh Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Kavach Beej, Kesar, Long, Jaiphal, Haritaki, Dridranga, Kshreerika, Kankaj, Brahmdandi, Swarn Bang, Atimukyak, Lauh Bhasma, Bhedani, Purushratan are the effective and wholesome herbs taken from the nature. Taking herbal supplement as prescribed will show effective results.

Precautions & Recommendations:   

  • Avoid too much indulgence in sexual activities. Also do not over think about sex.
  • Do Physical exercise daily. Gym/yoga/Jogging/Aerobics/ Dance/ Brisk Walk etc. (let your body sweat out.)
  • Strictly Avoid Oily, Spicy, Junk or Fried Food
  • Drink Minimum 3-4 litres of water every day (Split As per your convenience).
  • Eat soaked 5-Almonds (Badam), 10-Raisins (Kishmish), 1-Walnuts (Akhrot), 2-Dates (khajoor), 2-Dried Figs (Anjeer) in the morning.
  • Add fruits to regular Diet without fail.
  • Eight light food. Avoid food causing constipation.

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